Mandalong Specials

5 breeds in one Braham, Shorthorn, Charolais, British white and Chianina


The Mandalong Specials cattle have had great results and have won some of the most prestigious trophies and titles, among the achievements:


  • The Interbreed Hordern Trophy at The Royal Agricultural Society – Sydney Royal Easter Show, against thirty nine (39) other registered pure beef breeds.
  • Mandalong Specials steers shown at carcass competitions throughout Australia won many carcass competitions including Champion Heavy Weight Mandalong Specials Carcass at The Sydney Royal Easter Show – at 16 months of age – liveweight 527kg, chilled carcass 349kg, yield 66.22% ( The highest any breed by 2.39%).


Lately young heifers and bulls have been exported to Russia after the 50,000 Mandalong Specials herd that the Soviet Union had accumulated disappeared with the changeover.


The Mandalong Specials composition is as follows:

  • 62.50% Continental Breed
  • 18.75% British Breed
  • 18.75% Bos Indicus

These Mandalong Specials today are our signature breed and we continue to strive for genetic excellence.