Our third breed was relaunched in 2006 at beef week at The Cambridge Hotel at our Beer and Beef sale, due to many reports of the Mandalong Specials doing so well under hard conditions in Nth Qld, their unsurpassed fertility and the most sought after type of their progeny from the Brahman crosses. A Tropicana is produced by crossing a red Brahman to a Mandalong Special Bull or vice a versa

The composition as follows

.31.25% euro

9.375% British

59.75% bos indicus

The purpose of producing this pure bred breed is to enhance the Brahman breed. We feel that using Tropicana’s increases weight for age, improves milk production, increases fertility, reduces tick n fly setbacks, and reduces bloat of cattle on high legume pastures and weight for age increases. Some cattle men in Australia feel high bos indicus content cattle are the only way to go so this breed compliments this way of thinking.