In 1960 Rick Pisaturo Snr purchased Mandalong Park 300 acres then a few years latter another 350 acres in St Marys Sydney.

His dream was to breed cattle like his mentor Mr Badgery.

In 1964 he showed the first Poll Shorthorn Bull at the Sydney Royal Easter Show winning a blue ribbon. In four short years our Poll Shorthorns were acclaimed the best in the world.

Mandalng Poll Shorthorns broke almost every record in Australia.

The first Mandalong Bull Prince was shown in 1964. Among the successes with the Shorthorns 5 Grand Champion Bulls at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, 3 Grand Champion Bulls at the Brisbane Ekka and 4 Poll Shorthorn Champion Steers at the Sydney Royal Easter show in 6 years.


In 1968 he formed the Charolais Cattle Association of Australia and the first Charolais sale was held at Mandalong Park attended by Sir Anthony Hordan . Again with the Charolais he broke many records and received many awards. White Valley Hamish was purchased from NZ and topped the Canadian evaluation program “Conception to Consumer”100% unassisted calving.

In the late 70's the Russians purchased cattle and semen which we still use today. Mandalong Chock was sold to an Australian Syndicate for $165000.00 an Australian record. Mandalong Studs has shown Charolais at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and only up until 1991 but has won 10 Grand Champion Bulls, 6 Junior Champion Bulls, 4 Grand Champion Cows, 4 Junior Champion Heifers, 7 senior Champion Bulls, 4 Senior Champion Females, and 9 Sire Progeny Groups and 2 Sydney Royal Show interbreed Hordan Trophies. In 1980 Inaugural Hordern Trophy with Mandalong Lad and Mandalong Jessica 2nd and then in 1989 with Mandalong Eden and Mandalong Friesia B19E.

 Mandalong Studs shares the record for winning this most prestigious trophy twice (both champion bull and female) with Yarrawonga – Waco Santa Gertrudis Stud owner, Mr. Alistair Bassingthwaighte. 

Mandalong Specials

5 breeds in one Braham, Shorthorn, Charolais, British white and Chianina.


The Mandalong Specials cattle have had great results and have won some of the most prestigious trophies and titles, among the achievements:

  • The Interbreed Hordern Trophy at The Royal Agricultural Society – Sydney Royal Easter Show, against thirty nine (39) other registered pure beef breeds.
  • Mandalong Specials steers shown at carcass competitions throughout Australia won many carcass competitions including Champion Heavy Weight Mandalong Specials Carcass at The Sydney Royal Easter Show – at 16 months of age – liveweight 527kg, chilled carcass 349kg, yield 66.22% ( The highest any breed by 2.39%).


Lately young heifers and bulls have been exported to Russia after the 50,000 Mandalong Specials herd that the Soviet Union had accumulated disappeared with the changeover.


The Mandalong Specials composition is as follows:

  • 62.50% Continental Breed
  • 18.75% British Breed
  • 18.75% Bos Indicus


These Mandalong Specials today are our signature breed and we continue to strive for genetic excellence.

Square Meaters

The second breed developed by the family for a niche market in 1993. With the selection of selected Murray Greys the key traits for the Square Meaters were developed, compact size for more beef per acre, superior muscling providing a high yielding carcass with excellent commercial appeal and early maturing for the butcher trade. These cattle also won numerous awards for our family and the society continues today.


Our third breed was relaunched in 2006 at beef week at The Cambridge Hotel at our Beer and Beef sale, due to many reports of the Mandalong Specials doing so well under hard conditions in Nth Qld, their unsurpassed fertility and the most sought after type of their progeny from the Brahman crosses. A Tropicana is produced by crossing a red Brahman to a Mandalong Special Bull or vice a versa


The composition as follows

  • .31.25% Euro
  • 9.375% British
  • 59.75% Bos indicus


The purpose of producing this pure bred breed is to enhance the Brahman breed. We feel that using Tropicana’s increases weight for age, improves milk production, increases fertility, reduces tick n fly setbacks, and reduces bloat of cattle on high legume pastures and weight for age increases. Some cattle men in Australia feel high bos indicus content cattle are the only way to go so this breed compliments this way of thinking.